Our month-long program aims to provide intensive training and support to graduates, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and network needed to successfully transition into the competitive world of professional opera. It will be tailored to the needs of the participants and the specific demands of the opera industry.

All selected artists receive scholarships to cover the costs of their tuition.

We are committed to breaking down financial barriers to education. Scholarships and financial aid programs are available to all artists selected for the Foundation’s programs to ensure that talent, not financial resources, determines a student’s future.

The Bel Canto Foundation provides a competitive and highly differentiated program designed to compete with expensive alternatives that cripple young professionals with costs before they begin their professional careers.  Through its distinctive scholarship based professional program, the Foundation stands out as a mechanism to place young artists on the first steps of a career.

The Foundation’s workshop curriculum has been created by distinguished opera professionals and the training is led by experienced, all-Italian professionals in the world of Italian opera.

The program is designed to mirror the operations of professional opera houses and is divided into two distinct phases:

PHASE 1 – Warm-up

(10 days):

The students will work closely with coaches and professional guest artists as they guide them through the rules of diction, development of acting skills, and role preparation.  During this phase guest artists will give masterclasses on the art of opera, stage psychology, and practical career advice.  The goal is to provide the students with a professional level of knowledge, which will form the foundation of the following step.


(20 days):

The students will prepare to perform a fully staged opera with orchestra.  They will participate in staging and musical rehearsals led by a professional stage director and conductor.  At the end of this phase, students will present a live opera performance of the production for the public in a venue in Nashville.

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